“Give a kid some tools and a workshop and half the problems of bringing up the next generation are solved”

—William B. Stout (1917)

Maker Research Labs (MRL) helps young individuals discover and innovate. Compelled by curiosity and budding creativity, individuals learn STEM concepts through a hands-on approach.

Boys and girls are challenged to innovate exciting science and “Maker” projects (e.g. planes, cars, boats, robots, catapults, musical instruments, etc.) while learning to use 21st century fabrication tools such as design software, 3D Printers, and laser cutters. The MRL experience, guided by skilled mentors, offers a new paradigm for learning by encouraging thinking and dreaming. Through designing and executing ideas in real life, individuals learn important skills including critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration.


We gratefully acknowledge a grant from the National Science Foundation for the opportunity to explore new approaches to science and technology education.